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RECENT HEADLINES (Aug.–Sept. 2017)

Bill Proposing Wyoming Public Lands Day Drafted for 2018 Legislative Session. Sheridan Press. Sept. 13, 2017.
Wyoming Outdoor Advocates Seek Sponsor for Public Lands Day Bill. Sheridan Press. Sept. 30, 2017.
Pleading for our Public Lands.  Jackson Hole News&Guide . Sept. 13, 2017.
Don’t Miss: Fete for Public Lands. Planet Jackson Hole. Sept. 6, 2017.
Wyoming Public Lands. KHOL. Aug. 31, 2017.
Climber to Anchor Public Lands Party. Jackson Hole News&Guide. Aug. 30, 2017.
Laramie Rally to Show Support for Public Lands. Wyoming Tribune Eagle. Aug. 25, 2017
Rally to Enlist Support for Public Lands. Laramie Boomerang. Aug. 25, 2017.
Group Hosts Rally, Calls for “Public Lands Day” Holiday. Wyoming Public Media. Aug. 25, 2017.

PAST COVERAGE (Oct. 2016–Feb. 2017)

 Cheney Bill Hits Heart of Western Land Battle. WyoFile. Feb. 7, 2017.
 The Fight to Keep Our Public Lands Public: 5 Questions with Randy Newberg. Orvis News. Feb. 6, 2017.
 Marriott letter: Public Lands Battle — who do our “Representatives” represent?. Laramie Boomerang. Feb. 5, 2017.
 In Wyoming, A Cautious Public Lands Victory. High Country News. Feb. 3, 2017.
 Chaffetz withdraws public land sale bill after outcry from hunters, anglers. Idaho Statesman. Feb. 2, 2017.
 Majority of Wyomingites oppose public lands transfer, new poll shows. Casper Star-Tribune. Jan. 31, 2017.
 What Will Become of Federal Public Lands Under Trump? The New Yorker. Jan. 31, 2017.
 No Need to Transfer Public Lands Now. Powell Tribune. Jan. 26, 2017.
 Guardians of Place. Planet Jackson Hole. Jan. 25, 2017.
 Land transfer resolution: Vague solution looks for a problem. WyoFile. Jan. 17, 2017.
 Wyoming Legislature should reject transfer of federal public lands to state. Wyoming Tribune Eagle. Jan. 15, 2017.
 Town, county ask reps to quash lands amendment. Jackson Hole News&Guide. Jan. 11, 2017.
 Legislators Hold Private Meeting With Environmental Group Over Land Transfer Alternatives. Wyoming Public Media. Jan. 10, 2017.
 Shellard: Legislators should slow down on lands amendment. Casper Star-Tribune. Jan. 5, 2017.
 Push To Transfer Federal Lands To States Has Sportsmen On Edge. NPR. Jan. 5, 2017.
 U.S. House changes its rules to ease federal land transfers. High Country News. Jan. 4, 2017.
 THE BUZZ: Public Land Peril. Planet JH. Jan. 3, 2017.
  Wyoming public land transfer booster gloomy on chances. Jan. 3, 2017.
 Constitutional amendment for public lands marches toward Legislature. Casper Star-Tribune. Jan. 2, 2017.  Reiswig: Amendment would take lands from public. Casper Star-Tribune. Dec. 31, 2016.
 Wyoming’s public lands deserve public comments. WyoFile. Dec. 20, 2016.
 Opponents bemoan work on federal land transfer bill. WyoFile. Dec. 15, 2016.
 Anti-Land Transfer Activists Swarm Legislative Meeting. Wyoming Public Media. Dec. 15, 2016.
 Wyoming residents voice opposition to public lands amendment. Wyoming Tribune Eagle. Dec. 15, 2016.
 Lawmakers Advance Public-Lands Transfer Despite Public Opposition. Public News Service. Dec. 13, 2016.
 Proposed amendment would risk Wyoming public lands. Wyoming Tribune Eagle. Dec. 12, 2016.
 Wyoming gov. says state doesn’t have the law, money to handle public land transfer. Casper Star-Tribune. Dec. 11, 2016.
 Make your voice heard on proposed land amendment. Wyoming Tribune Eagle. Dec. 10, 2016.
 An Inside Look at How Ordinary Citizens Saved Public Land. Field & Stream. Dec. 9, 2016.
 A Public Land Transfer Gone Wrong: A Wyoming Historian Tells A Cautionary Tale. Wyoming Public Media. Dec. 2, 2016.
 State board denies controversial land swap. The Billings Gazette. Dec. 1, 2016.
 Easement doesn’t satisfy Bonander critics. WyoFile. Nov. 29, 2016.
 Wyoming public lands in peril. The Rocket-Miner. Nov. 18, 2016.
 Tawney: Public lands unite us as Americans. Casper Star-Tribune. Nov. 12, 2016.
 Large Crowds Turn Out To Protest Proposed Public Land Takeover. Wyoming Public Media. Nov. 11, 2016.
 Lawmakers advance public lands constitutional amendment despite widespread opposition. Casper Star-Tribune. Nov. 10, 2016.
 Lawmakers to discuss amending Constitution for public land transfer. Casper Star-Tribune. Nov. 8, 2016.
 Griffin: Legislators need to listen to our opinions on federal lands. Casper Star-Tribune. Nov. 5, 2016.
 A hint of urgency as hundreds rally for public land access. Casper Star-Tribune. Nov. 5, 2016.
 Lands rally expected to unite hundreds opposing transfer. Casper Star-Tribune. Nov. 5, 2016.
 Mann: Ask candidates how they intend to vote on public lands. Casper Star-Tribune. Nov. 4, 2016.
 Report says state management of public land unlikely to save money. Casper Star-Tribune. Nov. 3, 2016.
 DeGroot: Why a public lands amendment is a bad idea. Casper Star-Tribune. Nov. 3, 2016.
 Lawmakers: Constitutional amendment would preserve public lands. Casper Star-Tribune. Nov. 3, 2016.
 New legislative leaders could mean more public lands bills become law. Casper Star-Tribune. Nov. 3, 2016.
 Keep public lands public and in federal hands. Jackson Hole News&Guide. Nov. 2, 2016.
 Cross: Stand up for our public lands. Casper Star-Tribune. Nov. 1, 2016.
 Study: Managing Federal Lands Would be Costly for Wyoming. Utah Public Radio. Oct. 26, 2016.
 State Management Of Federal Lands Would Be Costly, Study Finds. Wyoming Public Media. Oct. 25, 2016.
 Report recommends against Wyoming oversight of federal lands. Casper Star-Tribune. Oct. 21, 2016.
 Group Plans Rally Opposing Public Lands Transfer. Wyoming Public Media. Oct. 18, 2016.
 No Legal Footing For Federal Land Grabs, Say Western Attorney Generals. Wyoming Public Media. Oct. 14, 2016.