Our History

“Lacking Votes, Land Transfer Amendment Killed.”
—Wyoming Public Media

On December 14, 2016, a Wyoming Legislative subcommittee of the Select Federal Natural Resource Management Committee met in Cheyenne to discuss a proposed constitutional amendment that would dictate how the state would handle a takeover of public lands.

Despite more than 100 public land supporters there to show and speak their opposition to the amendment, it was passed and continued on to the full committee, who agreed to the changes made to the language. It was introduced and listed as Senate Joint Resolution 3 in the 2017 Wyoming Legislature.

On January 20, 2017, Wyoming Senate President Eli Bebout killed SJR3—the public lands constitutional amendment. Bebout told the Casper Star-Tribune that “the state will work with the administration to more collaboratively manage the land.”

 Wyoming Senate president kills public lands transfer bill.
 Lacking Votes, Land Transfer Amendment Killed.
 Land Transfer Amendment Dies In Wyoming Legislature.


SJR3 was killed in this year’s legislature because of you: the individuals and the groups representing all of our diverse public land interests—conservation, hunting, fishing, hiking, and biking, among others—who showed up to the meeting. Thank you.

Despite this good news, we will need to stay united, connected and vigilant.
We’ve proved our voices matter.
Let’s keep using them to #keepitpublicwyo.
This battle is not over yet.

Continue to call, visit and e-mail your legislators to let these officials know public lands are an essential part of Wyoming’s quality of life, and we oppose their agenda to seize our public lands.

Where do you live? Who are your local legislators?
And do you know where they stand on #publiclands?
If not, call them or visit with them to find out.