Contact Your Legislators

Helpful Tips When Writing Your Legislator

Be firm but polite     Introduce yourself     Be clear and factual, but also, be personal     This is going to your representative, so let them know you live in their district and are his/her constituent
 It helps to point out how and where you enjoy public lands and how you would be affected by the amendment     State your position at the beginning and restate it at the end     The form above allows you to edit the subject line and the message; we encourage you to personalize your message through your experience and by saying why public lands are important to you.

Wyoming can’t afford to manage the federal public lands within its borders. No amendment can change that.
The state has a long history of selling public land, closing off access, and prohibiting outdoors activities on its lands.
The amendment signals that Wyoming is okay with public land transfers. We are not okay with it.
The amendment is full of loopholes. It does not, for instance, prohibit the state from leasing public land for decades. It does not define what “access” or “value” mean in relation to land exchanges.
Public lands currently require public input into their management and seek a balanced approach to development that protects wildlife, clean air, and water. State management guarantees none of those protections.
Outdoor recreation is a huge and growing part of Wyoming’s economy and depends on open public lands.
Lawmakers pursuing public land takeover are wasting time, money, and not listening to their constituents. Wyoming does not need this divisive and unproductive political distraction as there are far more important and constructive issues to focus on.