Contact Your Legislators


The form above allows you to edit the subject line and the message; we encourage you to personalize your message through your experience and by saying why public lands are important to you.
•  Be firm but polite.
•  Introduce yourself.
•  Be clear and factual, but also, be personal.
•  This is going to your representative, so let them know you live in their district and are his/her constituent.
•  Point out how and where you enjoy public lands and how you would be affected by the bill.
•  State your position at the beginning and restate it at the end.


   This bill creates the opportunity for Wyoming people of all stripes and interests to celebrate the legacy and values of our public lands, which are an essential part of our way of life here. Our wild open spaces, free-roaming wildlife, outstanding recreational opportunities, and the state’s economy depend upon our public lands. They are in Wyoming’s DNA. Public lands are what makes us Wyoming.

   The bill is an affirmation of Wyoming support for our public lands. As an annual event, the Public Lands Day will serve as a reminder of the values we treasure—healthy landscapes and wildlife, and access for solitude and recreation. Numerous polls affirm that there is strong public support for keeping our public lands public.

   A Wyoming Public Lands Day is a good way to recognize and better emphasize the importance of outdoor recreation and tourism in our state. This part of our economy is Wyoming’s fasting growing industry, and it is almost entirely based on access to public lands, and it is key to the diversification of the state’s economy. This second largest economic sector in Wyoming depends upon sound stewardship of, and access to, our public lands. A recent report by the Outdoor Industry Association shows outdoor recreation generates 50,000 direct jobs and $5.6 billion in spending in Wyoming; the Wyoming Office of Tourism reports that tourism creates 32,000 jobs and $3.2 billion in consumer spending, annually (figures for 2016).