About Us

“As the Code of the West says, remember some things are not for sale.”

Keep it Public, Wyoming was formed in 2016 as a coalition between more than 40 nonprofit organizations, including sportsmen, recreation and conservation groups, as well as outdoor businesses and thousands of individuals. The coalition represents a diversity of interests across the state of Wyoming, but remains united under a common value and goal: keeping public lands in public hands and opposing transfer of public lands to state or private interests. Since its formation, the group has organized four public rallies statewide (in Casper, Jackson, Laramie and Sheridan) to activate and inform an engaged citizenry on the issue of public land ownership and management. The group continues to promote the importance of public lands as an important economic driver for the state and as vital to the quality of life Wyoming residents enjoy.

This website is a resource for all of us who love the public lands in Wyoming. We’re people who value the quality of life public lands offer us and our families. Whether it’s providing places to hunt, fish, camp, hike, bike, climb, boat, ride, ski, climb (you name it) or ensuring reliable and sustainable drivers for local economies, our public lands are invaluable.

We believe the public lands in Wyoming don’t belong to the state of Wyoming, or a privileged few. They belong to all Americans. They are national treasures. They are our shared natural heritage. They represent the best of our democracy. We are lucky here in Wyoming to have the easy access and the freedom to explore so many of them—from our national forests to the vast, high deserts. Please help us by showing your support. We want to let our elected representatives know where we stand.

Under no circumstances should lawmakers attempt to take public lands away from the American people.